Choosing an Expert Rhinoplasty Surgeon

One of the most important things that people who are planning to undergo a nose surgery must consider is to choose the right rhinoplasty surgeon to perform the procedure. As a general fact in the plastic surgery field, rhinoplasty surgeons are cosmetic surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty — surgical procedures that change the structure of the nose in order to enhance its appearance or to correct certain deformities.

It is practically essential for prospective patients to choose the right rhinoplasty surgeon before undergoing a nasal reshaping.

The choice that the patient makes at this point could contribute largely to the outcome that he or she is eyeing to acquire. As a matter of fact, the success and failure of any surgery may lie in the hands of the chosen cosmetic surgeon who performs the procedure. Thus, this decision has to be carefully thought out and patients must perform some background investigation as to what kind of plastic surgeon they are about to trust their bodies on.


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First and foremost, a glaring evidence of a plastic surgeon’s expertise is his or her board certification.

Board Certification is an important aspect of choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon. A rhinoplasty surgeon certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) stresses that such surgeon has met the rigorous standards of ABFPRS and is noteworthy in terms of skills and experience.

To be certified in the ABFPRS, a plastic surgeon needs to complete an approved residency after finishing medical school in one or two surgical specialties focusing on facial plastic surgery.

These specialties may include Otolaryngology or plastic surgery.

Next, the rhinoplasty surgeon must have earned prior certification in any of the specialties mentioned above through the American Board of Medical Specialties or the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada. Also, he or she must have submitted an acceptable record of at least two years of clinical experience including operative reports of a minimum of 100 facial plastic surgeries.

In addition to that, the rhinoplasty surgeon must also complete a two-day examination, along with, proper licensure and subscription to the ABFPRS Code of Ethics.

Through these guidelines, the ABFPRS can ensure that when it gives out a certification to a plastic surgeon, a thorough evaluation of the surgeon’s credentials have taken place.


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This way, patients are protected from the hazards that may be caused by incompetent plastic surgeons.

Furthermore, patients may also take a look at the plastic surgeon’s track record. A plastic surgeon who has done a lot of successful rhinoplasty surgeries is a lot credible than the one who only did a few, despite the presence of board certification. Surgeons who have performed many rhinoplasty procedures will have more time to perfect their craft, and are often more adept at handling complications that may arise during the operation.

Lastly, the surgeon’s hospital privileges can also be a good indicator of his expertise, since hospitals normally give privileges only to trusted surgeons.

All these qualifications coupled with a caring and nurturing attitude would make an excellent rhinoplasty surgeon.

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