How to Make Hair Bows

Simple steps for making hair bows
There are so many useful tips for making various items by hand. Whenever you have some free time, instead of getting bored or merely watching television and lazing, you can discover an exciting hobby.

Get creative and start making your own household items that are useful as well as attractive. Now, ask any girl if she loves dressing up. The answer will be a big yes.

Satin ribbons are ideal for making cute hair bows. There are different styles of hair bows. You can choose the style you like best. About a yard of ribbon can be sufficient to make yourself a regular length bow.


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Choose a suitable color satin ribbon. Ideally, it may be about two and a quarter inches wide. Now stretch the ribbon and twist midway. You must fold the ribbon in a loop like manner. Hold the cross over part of the ribbon tightly.

You can then improvise on the basic loop by using an additional ribbon. The two ribbons must now be fixed together. Glue or a stitch should do the job. You now have a basic bow. You can add hair clips to the back of your bow and this can now be used as a hair bow for toddlers or school girls.

Improvise on the basic design with colors and other twists. You should now have two three different designs to use as you wish. Most women love shopping for clothes and accessories. But you need not spend money to look pretty.

There are so many do-it-yourself items you can create as accessories. A good example of this is a hair bow.

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