Stop the ‘Tresses’ — From Color Burnout, That Is!

Finding the perfect hair colorist can be as difficult as locating a needle in a haystack, and affording to pay that pro every five weeks for maintenance may be an even more difficult challenge.

Here are a few tips and tricks to make your most recent salon visit last just a little bit longer.

* Try to avoid subjecting your freshly colored hair to the harsh chlorine found in swimming pools.


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Sure, a dip in the pool might sound fun, but the chemicals can damage your color and, in some cases, may even cause lighter hair to turn a faint shade of green. You may cringe at the thought of a swimming cap, but it will prevent your color from getting distorted.

* Invest in a shampoo and conditioner that are formulated to keep your new hue looking as bright and beautiful as the day you walked out of the salon.

Nature’s Gate Organics Fruit Blend shampoos and conditioners provide UV protection and help keep color-treated hair from fading. The UV protection is especially important because, just like your skin, your locks need their share of environmental protection as well.

At a suggested retail price of $7.99, Nature’s Gate products can be found at health food stores, pharmacies, drugstores and grocery stores nationwide.

* When you know that you are scheduled for a hair color appointment, skip shampooing the day before. The increased natural oils provide more sticking power for the color.

You’ll find that your shade is brighter and bolder than ever.

* A few days before you color, deep condition your locks with an at-home treatment to prep them for the service. The hair color process is drying and can cause damage. Conditioning your hair will prevent breakage and enhance your hair’s health.


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The next time you walk out of the salon, don’t just heave a sigh of relief that your work is done for the next few weeks. Remember that with proper upkeep, your new hue can outlast its normal expiration date and hopefully save you a few bucks in the process.

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